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When you can’t afford a leak …
 Make sure you specify
 APM Hexseal sealing products!

 APM Hexseal designs and manufactures the world’s most complete line of
 sealing devices to protect equipment from external a�ack by rain, snow, salt
 water, dust, oil and more.
 APM introduced the rst “boots” over 65 years ago to protect toggle,
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 pushbu�on, rotary and rocker style switches and circuit breakers.
 UL Component Recognized, they seal the panel‐mounted device and the
 moun�ng hole.
 And don’t forget the APM range of sealing hardware: screws,  bolts, nuts and
 washers. They withstand up to 20,000psi of pressure and are used for a wide
 variety of applica�ons, from assembling equipment to be water�ght to
 sealing valves to keep in petroleum uids.
 APM Hexseal sealing devices provide the life‐extending insurance that every switch, circuit breaker and related equipment needs.  APM’s boots
 and sealing hardware will reduce maintenance and improve reliability.
 Contact Newark Electronics / Element 14 today for informa�on, pricing and to arrange for free samples to qualied customers.
 44 Honeck Street, Englewood, NJ 07631  USA

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